Getting Started With Your Application

The managing of applications to work on heritage sites is the core function of Heritage Western Cape.

Please follow these steps in order to make an application to HWC:

1. Email, provide the address and erf/farm number of the site, a summary of the proposed work and the contact details of the applicant.
2. HWC will respond with a reference number
3. Please use this reference number when making the required payment. Please see our fee schedule below for the payment details.
4. Complete the relevant application form.
5. Submit all required information to HWC.
6. Your application will be assigned to a Heritage Officer to process.
7. Please wait 10 working days before contacting HWC regarding your applications progress.

Please note that all submissions must be made via email to the office of the CEO -


Consultation is required for various different types of application, and at various different stages in the application process. the commenting period for consultation is 30 days

Heritage Western Cape has various conservation bodies that have registered an interest in aspects of heritage. some of these groups are registered for a geographic area, some are registered for a theme. Applications made in terms of section 34, 38(3) and 27(18) require consultation with registered conservation bodies, if the application falls within the geographic area or theme of a conservation body's interest. A Google Earth file is provided below for reference. This file can be viewed in Google Earth Desktop. When making an application please check to see if the site falls within an area of interest to one of the Conservation Bodies. If it does, comments from the relevant Conservation Body are required before the application can be submitted to HWC.

Promotion of Access to Information (PAIA)

Heritage Western Cape has a PAIA policy regarding access to information in the HWC archive. Most documents are freely available as they are all public documents. to apply, fill out the form in the PAIA policy document below and submit the completed form to the relevant HWC staff member.