Site Inspection to Belmont House Simon's Town 16 July 2015

Land Parcel Type: 

Erf/Farm No.: 

1 067

HWC file No.: 


Street Address: 

125 St Georges Street, Simon's Town


Nature of Application: 

Inspection of Illegal works

Date of Site Visit: 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

HWC Representatives: 

Zwelibanzi Shiceka

Reasons for Site Inspection: 

On 16 July 2015 a meeting was held at the HWC offices with Mr. David Erickson, chair of Simon's Town Historical Society to assess the amount of damage that had been done to the Belmont House when the Rear Admiral Bravo Mhlana, Flag Officer Fleet, changed the name of the “Belmont House” to “Chris Hani House”. Staff members who were present at this meeting were Ms. P. Meyer (Legal Advisor), Ms. J. Lavin (Acting DD), Mr Z. Shiceka, and Ms. K. Robinson. During this meeting it was found that the building was not a PHS but rather just a building that was older than 60 years. So therefore this matter would need to be dealt with under section 34 of the Act

Findings of Site Inspection: 

It was found that the Belmont House name that had once been engraved in the sandstone capstone on top of the piers that stood on either side of the entrance gate to the property had been sanded smooth. This same area has been painted white with the words “Hani” and “House” written on each pier in blue paint. It was evident that someone had started to remove this new name as the “Hani” name had already received at least once coat of white paint over the top of it. It would require numerous layers of paint to cover up the name so that it would not shine through the white top coats. The plague sporting the name “Chris Hani House” in yellow copper letters was still in place on the lower balcony rails of the house. This is visible from the road, but this item is something that is easy to remove as it has only just been screwed on the balustrade and is therefore reversible. One other concern of the Simon's Town Heritage Society was the unsightly palisade fence that was erected years before hand. This unfortunately is something that can’t be asked to be removed as it does not affect any structure that is older than 60 years. It has been set behind the stone retaining walls.

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