St Mary's Church, Stellenbosch - 26 June 2015

Land Parcel Type: 

Erf/Farm No.: 


HWC file No.: 


Street Address: 

Alexandra Road

Registered Owner: 

Anglican Church


Nature of Application: 

Illegal Works

Date of Site Visit: 

Friday, 26 June 2015

HWC Representatives: 

Katherine Robinson, Penelope Meyer

Reasons for Site Inspection: 

Deviations from the approved plans that the permit was based on.

Findings of Site Inspection: 

The following deviations occurred: 1. Door way into the Entrance Lobby not instated 2. Instead of 1 WC and 1 Disabled Toilet there is now 2 WC and 1 Disabled Toilet. 3. Arrangement of the above has been reversed. 4. The courtyard has been roofed in 5. The gate to enter the courtyard has been changed to a door 6. A parapet wall had been added to hide roof rather than toilet block being a lean-to structure. 7. This parapet has therefore caused that the thatch of the main church building has had to be cut. 8. A terrible metal box gutter has been added 9. A waste pipe to drain away alter wine/water into the plants - according to Anglican this can't just be drained away into the sewer 10. Instead of just one set of windows causing a terrible roof junction there are now 2 sets. 11. The window has been changed to a door. 12. A low wall was built to accommodate a work counter. 13. Plaster is falling off from the one Steeple.

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