Hout Bay Erf 4150 REM 7 May 2015

Land Parcel Type: 

Erf/Farm No.: 

4 150

HWC file No.: 


Street Address: 

1636 Longkloof Road


Nature of Application: 

N/A Wilfull neglect

Date of Site Visit: 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

HWC Representatives: 

Katherine Robinson, Andrew September

Met on Site By: 


Reasons for Site Inspection: 

Neighbour reported that the Longkloof Building, which is a PHS, has been sadly neglected.

Findings of Site Inspection: 

On arriving at site, no-one answered any of the intercoms even though there was a vehicle parked in the driveway. The Longkloof building has been neglected. There is graffiti sprayed on two of the walls, the walls need to be re-whitewashed, some of the window panes are broken, weeds and grass are growing out of the walls, the roof has become rusty and the doors need to be re-oiled or vanished.

Which committee should this report be submitted to?: