Ikwezi Skills Development Centre

Land Parcel Type: 

Erf/Farm No.: 

19 519

HWC file No.: 


Street Address: 

Jan van Riebeeck Drive

Registered Owner: 

Drakenstein Municipality


Nature of Application: 

Proposed Redevelopment of Vlakkeland PHS

Date of Site Visit: 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

HWC Representatives: 

Andrew Hall, Jenna Lavin

Met on Site By: 

Drakenstein Municipal Officials (Chantal de Kock), Johann Malherbe

Reasons for Site Inspection: 

The Drakenstein Municipality has purchased erf 19519 and intends to redevelop the property as the Ikwezi Skills Development Centre. An application was made to HWC and more information was required. The Drakenstein Municipality requested a meeting with HWC to discuss this application. Please see attached documentation.

Findings of Site Inspection: 

The PHS is in a bad state. The Municipality has installed inappropriate paving and fencing without a permit from HWC. It appears that there has been some substantial interventions that detract from the significance of the site including additions and alterations to the structures forming part of the werf. It is noted that the fencing is situated inside the boundary of the old werf wall and essentially excludes it from the protection offered by the fence. In addition, the werf boundary wall has been demolished in places. The requirements of BELCom as expressed in their letter dated 4 September 2013 were explained to the architect and the municipal representatives.

Which committee should this report be submitted to?: