Archaeological Site Inspection: Proposed Development of Vacant Erf 1286, Melkbosstrand

Land Parcel Type: 

Erf/Farm No.: 

1 286

HWC file No.: 


Street Address: 

Charles hoffe Road


Nature of Application: 

Pre application archaeological investigation.

Date of Site Visit: 

Monday, 18 January 2016

HWC Representatives: 

Guy Thomas, Andrew September

Met on Site By: 

Tim Valckinier

Reasons for Site Inspection: 

The site is in an area of known archaeological sensitivity. GT and AS inspected the site so as to ascertain the level of archaeological sensitivity, and to meet with the owner regarding any action that may need to be taken.

Findings of Site Inspection: 

The site has not obvious surface archaeology. The site has been vacant for many years, and a fair amount of building rubble and other refuse has been dumped on the site. AS and GT excavated a shovel test pit in the lowest section of the site. the pit was excavated to the depth below surface that the proposed swimming pool is likely to impact. not archaeological material was observed. in addition to this, the building contractor has brought in substantial amounts of fill sand in order to raise the level of the site surface. it is unlikely that any archaeological material will be found during this development, however GT and AS instructed the contractor of the likelihood, and in the identification of archaeological material. He undertook to contact HWC if any archaeological material was found.

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