Approved HOMs Agenda 25 January 2021

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Monday, 25 January 2021

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NB re Woodstock projects on agenda

KB12.17Proposed Alterations and Additions, Erf 12093, 66 Woodlands Road, Woodstock, CT.S34-A&AHM/ CAPE TOWN METROPOLITAN/WOODSTOCK / ERF 12093Case No:20112405KB0107E
The one conservation body for Woodstock, the WAAB approved alteration to this building some years ago, but nothing in the last three years. WRA, the other conservation body, has not been informed of any proposed alterations to this property.

Proposed Albert Road redevelopment, Erven10892, 10893, 10894, 10895 AND10896,Woodstock, CT.S38(4)-NIDHM/ CAPE TOWN METROPOLITAN / WOODSTOCK/ ERVEN 10892,10893, 10894, 10895 AND-10896Case No:20121401KB0113E  
This redevelopment falls outside the border of WAABs area of interest. It is, however, within the WRA area and we have received no communication in this regard.

Proposed Alterations and Additions, Erven13528 and 13529, 22 Roodebloem Road, Woodstock, CTS34-A&AHM/ CAPE TOWN METROPOLITAN/WOODSTOCK / ERVEN13528 AND 13529Case No:21010602TZ0114E

We were unable to comment on the agenda sooner, as we only received notification of it after 19.30 on Friday.

Ute Kuhlmann
WRA Secretary