Stillbaai Heritage Conservation Trust

George Sabbagha's picture

Postal Address: 

Saayman Street, 15, Stillbaai-Wes, Stillbaai

Postal Code: 

6 674

Contact Person: 

George Sabbagha

Contact No.: 

083 6507430


Statement on Main Aims of Organisation: 

The aim is to further the conservation of the cultural-historic heritage of Still Bay and environs as well as the natural environment, and to promote the harmonious development of the area, taking into account ecological, social-economic and aesthetic factors. To achieve these ends by the desemination of information and the undertaking of educational and conservation projects, through cooperation with residents and holiday-makers as well as with official bodies of local, regional and national level.

Categories of Heritage: 

Argeologie, paleontologie, begrafnis terreine, openbare monument, gedenketens, geskiedkundige geboue, lewende erfenis, natuurerfenis gebiede.