Clifton-On-Sea & District Bungalow Owners Association

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P O Box 32184 Camps Bay

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8 040

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Statement on Main Aims of Organisation: 

The bungalow structures and sites, the surrounding natural environment and the land which abuts this namely the Clifton Scenic Reserve Provincial Heritage Site Web-site:

Categories of Heritage: 

Geographcial Boundary 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Beach & the Ridge Clifton. Glen Beach, Bakoven. The three bungalow areas, declared in accordance with the NHRA 25 of 1999, encompass theland on which the bungalow are located on the four clifton beaches, Bungalows and land as per City Zoning Scheme 112 : Bakoven, Clifton, Glen Beach as depicted on plans TPZ, 10557, TPZ 11167 and TPZ 10556 and surrounding environment which impacts on the character of the area - public open space, garage area zoned, special business as well as the land which abuts Clifton Scenic reserve as a PHS