Upper Claremont and Residents and Ratepayers Association (UCRRA)

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Alexis Van der Merwe

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Statement on Main Aims of Organisation: 

The Conservation Body intends to: i. Promote best possible urban planning, heritage, design and landscape practice in the area and to monitor compliance with existing policies and zoning schemes ii. Create a body for raising all development and heritage conservation matters of interest or concern to residents and ratepayers iii. Join and associate with other similar conservation bodies to spread information on best and contextually relevant practices with regard to heritage protection and appropriate urban planning, urban development and design. iv. Assist authorities and HWC in the review and audit process of heritage assets / resources and assist in the development and expansion of the: a. Local Area (Special Area) Overlay Zoning (LAO) and the b. Heritage Protection Overlay Zoning (HPOZ), in the area v. Assist, advise, comment and contribute on all issues of heritage importance when necessary and to object and appeal when necessary to proposed developments, rezoning applications, and/or threats to the cultural landscape. vi. Assist national, provincial and local authorities generally and in particular in developing, disseminating and implementing the principles and provisions respectively, of the National Environmental Management Act and the National Heritage Resources Act as well as related legislation. vii. To study the history and heritage of all groups that were previous residents of Claremont, including those forcibly removed by the group areas legislation in the 1960’s and whose part influenced the built and cultural landscape of the geographic area. viii. Raise the general awareness and interest in the built environment

Categories of Heritage: 

The geographical area in which the body needs to be consulted: Upper Claremont. Specifically, this area extends from the M33 (from the M3 freeway), east as far as Cavendish Rd. South along Cavendish Rd to Bowood Rd. East down Bowood Rd to the M4.South along M4 to Highwick Ave. West along Highwick Ave, South into Herschel Rd, into Herschel Walk, west across Bebbington Ave to M3. North along M3 until M33 offramp.