New HWC Fee Structure

After an extensive public participation process, HWC has recently amended the amount payable for an application to HWC. The new fee structure will be implemented from 1 July 2016. Please see attached and below.

Kindly refer to the Provincial Government Gazette Notice 7608, Fees (Heritage Western Cape) Regulations, 2016, under section 25(2)(h), read with sections 25(2)(l) and 48(1)(a), of the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act 25 of 1999), which has made the regulations set out in the Schedule.

Cost Type of Application Section of NHRA
R330.00 Application for permit Section 48(1)(a)
R330.00 Notification of intent to develop Section 38(1)
R1100.00 Consideration of impact assessment report Section 38(4)
R1100.00 Consideration of and comment on evaluation of impact of development on heritage resources required in terms of legislation other than the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999
Section 38(8)
R200.00 Lodgement of an appeal Section 49
R165.00 Fee payable where an application is resubmitted due to incompleteness or incorrectness Section 25(2)(l)
R300.00 Application for permit to reproduce a provincial heritage site Section 27(23)(b)

Please contact HWC Offices should you have any queries in this regard.