Application for permanent removal of Rhodes Statue from UCT

An application for the permanent removal, together with a Heritage Statement as required by Heritage Western Cape, was submitted on 12 November 2015.

Heritage Western Cape has considered the submission and requested greater clarity as to the views of the student body, specifically that of the Students’ Representative Council and the Rhodes Must Fall movement in respect of the proposed removal of the statue.

HWC has also requested that the report provide additional consideration of alternative approaches including the retention and possible reinterpretation of the statue.

The University of Cape Town is in the process of collating the requested information in respect of student opinion. The Heritage Statement is in the process of being reviewed by the appointed heritage practitioner in order to address the additional information requested.

It is envisaged that the information requested by HWC will be provided before the end of March 2016.

Once the report has been revised and HWC has indicated that its requests have been addressed, the report will be circulated to registered interested parties for information prior to consideration of the application by HWC.

Please contact Mrs Colette Scheermeyer at the details above should you have any queries.

Dr Errol Myburg
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Western Cape