Provincial Heritage Sites

Heritage Western Cape is the regulatory decision maker for any application to alter a formally protected Provincial Heritage Site in the Western Cape.

Provincial Heritage Sites cover a wide range of different types of heritage, including the Built Environment, Archaeological, Palaeontological, Cave Sites and areas of Geological Interest.

Required Documentation

Built Environment

Annexure A application form, duly completed and signed (see below)
Locality map.
2 hard copy sets of plans (both sets must be coloured up and stamped by the Municipality – one will be kept on file by HWC).
Photographs – interior and exterior, and the streetscape relevant to the application.
Written comments of the applicable local authority.
Written comments of registered conservation bodies in the area – if in doubt, kindly ask the staff member on duty, or consult the conservation body map.
Proof of payment with the correct reference number
A digital copy of the application on a CD.

Archaeological / Palaeontological / Meteorites

Annexure B (archaeology), C (palaeontology) or D (Meteorites) application form, duly completed and signed (see below).
Locality map.
Two (2) hard copy sets of the application and a digital copy on a CD
Photographs of the site
A motivation describing the scope of work.
Proof of payment with the correct reference number.