Applications made in terms of Section 27, 29, 31 and 34 of the NHRA - Buildings Older than 60 Years, Minor Works and Emergency Applications

Heritage Western Cape approves and manages development to buildings older than 60 years. This entails an assessment of the heritage significance of the building in question as well as deciding on or endorsing the grading of the building.

Required Documents for Submission

For applications in terms of Section 34 (i.e. for Permits for Alterations, Additions, Partial and Total Demolitions)

Annexure A application form, duly completed and signed (see below).
Locality map.
2 hard copy sets of plans (both sets must be coloured up and stamped by the Municipality – one will be kept on file by HWC).
Photographs – interior and exterior, and the streetscape relevant to the application.
Written comments of the applicable local authority.
Written comments of registered conservation bodies in the area – if in doubt, kindly ask the staff member on duty, or consult the conservation body map.
Title Deed of the property or conveyancer certificate.
Power of attorney if applying on behalf of someone else.
Proof of payment with the correct reference number (see Getting Started With Your Application)
A digital copy of the application on a CD.