Notice of Intent to Develop (NIDs) and Heritage Impact Assessments (HIAs)

Heritage Western Cape is the Competent authority in terms of managing the heritage related aspects of Impact Assessments in the Western Cape. Heritage Western Cape also comments on assessment processes run under the National Environmental Management Act, and the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act

Required Documents for NID Submission

Notification of Intent to Develop (NID) form (see below).
Other pertinent information and photographs
Proof of payment with the correct reference number.
Additional information may be required as a result of this submission.
2 copies of the application as well as a digital copy on a CD


Phase 1 HIAs submitted in terms of both section 38(3) and 38(8) must be submitted with a proof of payment as well as a completed HIA checklist.

Phase 2 work plans submitted in terms of section 38(8) must be in accordance with the "Guide To Recommendations"
These must be submitted with 2 hardcopies, as well as a digital copy